Tanzania – More Safari!

The next cool adventure was another safari! Tuesday we got picked up by a very cool big safari jeep, with an even larger roof to open. Though it was very, very cold (and I of course did not bring warm clothes to hot-Africa) we had a THRILLING and INCREDIBLE first night. We went camping in Ngorogoro, knowing there might be the possibility of an animal next to the tent (elephant or so 😀 ). And then there suddenly was this whole herd of zebras! We were like two meters away from them! Really really cool.

So the next day we went into the crater! Especially migration of hundreds of wilderbeasts and zebra’s was cool, but also the fact we had lions close to the jeep and that we ‘saw’ a rhino (more like a black dot in the distance). But we have seen more cool animals, many monkeys, hyena’s, jackals, vultures, flamingo’s in the distance, again hippo’s and waterbuffalo’s, different birds, and surprise of the day; ostriches. I naïvely was convinced those only lived in Australia, I first did not believe it when the others said they had spotted one. Oops…xD Anyway, here’s the (many) pictures!

And then there was this amazing scene. Anyone who has watched ANY movie about africa, or the typical boring-day-let’s-check-out-animal planet, recognizes this. A dead waterbuffalo, vultures circling in the sky, hyena right on top of it, a jackal waiting its turn and a ritual-like circel of more vultures and maraboes. Really funny to see it truly works that way.

Btw, check this video of us making selfies with a lion 😀

Adventure did not stop there though. After a night in what they call an ‘African iglo’ (not many images available, but try to google it!) we went to lake Manyara, where we mostly saw birds (flamingo’s! only in the distance though) such as storks, more monkeys, elephants, and for the first time since we were in Africa…giraffes!

Also, we went to a hot water spring, Naïve me again, expecting ‘warm’ water, put in my fingers confidently, only to find out it was a bit warmer than ‘warm’ (didn’t burn though, luckily).

Photo credit Josephine

And then, almost the end of our journey! The last night everyone decided to go into nice (read: expensive) hotels, so I went into one in a sort of “bad neighborhood” (from the guy from our safari company, so no worries). Had to make sure I would not go out alone in the dark though. I had some trouble with a guy later on in a restaurant, ánd with finding a taxi back, but I’ll save you those stories. What was sort of funny though was immigration service at my door next morning. They woke me up at 8 in the morning to check my passport. Uhh….okay? I Realized later that I should probably have asked for his ID or badge first, but he did not kidnap/sell/arrested me, so just a lesson learned for next time 🙂

On the last day I went into to Arusha on my own, and this is the part where I am going to say again that it is also really nice to travel alone once in a while (for more read Graças Lisboa! ). I went to two musea, but I will not bother you with the interesting history of Tanzania anymore after such a long post. Here, enjoy the maraboe that was amazingly close on my way out. As in, half-a-meter-I-am-happy-there-is-a-random-fence-between-us kind of close.

IMG_0510 IMG_0511

Thanks for reading! Soon you can start reading updates about my internship which I’ll be doing in Africa from september on! Comment, like, share, or whatever you feel like, but I would like to hear your thoughts!


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