Uganda – “It’s not meat, it’s chicken!”

So there she is againnn! For now not so many pictures because we pay for internet, hopefully I can upload some later this week or next week.

We were very happy we had such an amazing start Saturday. I mean, after all it is quite an adventure, not knowing how it works out with a different culture, climate, animals (what is truly poisonous/venomous in our safe Holland?) and diseases and such. So walking around enjoying, being relaxed and mostly feeling safe is truly a blessing. Entebbe however, is quite “Westernized” and not so crowded as the capital, Kampala. When we went to Kampala the next day, that was then of course an entirely different experience. In just half a day we did not manage to see the whole city. The part where we went to was very crowded, many people on the streets, many markets and sky-high buildings filled with abandoned used-to-be-stores.

When we arrived there after a very long, cramped (knees in your ears) taxi-bus drive, we had hoped for some fresh air. As you can imagine; not the case. So we just walked around a bit and tried to find some place to eat. We ended up in one of those half-abandoned buildings, where my only choice was to eat chicken, which according to that man was not meat. So after an elaborate discussion (“it’s not meat, it’s chicken” “but chicken is meat”, “no no, not meat; chicken!”) I decided to give up and just have lunch in order to make it through the day.

Pictures credits to Jennifer

Following, we went to the Royal Tombs of the Buganda kingdom (World Heritage), where we were guided around by Lydia. She very kindly guided us around and told us everything about the history and the local traditions. She herself is educated in herbs, and how to use them for health. After walking around a bit more we just went home again, we picked up a tired Josi from an adventurous flight and chilled in the beautiful garden of the hostel.On day three we finally went to Bukomansimbi, passing the equator on our way there.

Arriving on the spot we were amazed by our guest house. We have a 180 degree view from the top of the mountain, and if you walk a bit you also see the other side (duh). So we can watch over the village, sunrise/sunset and actually the entire area – Last night I have seen one of the most amazing sunsets and moonrises ever, really bizarre -.

So on the first day in Bukomansimbi we had a meeting with all the clients and divided groups for the assignment. As I am doing waste management here with Josi and Freddy, we got a tour from the representative of the municipality through town the next day, passing the different waste collection points (aka pig piles of trash). During the tour we also went to a primary school. I have never seen so much laughter and smiling faces. The kids LOVE to be on a picture,  screaming and laughing when you show the picture. Really a lot of fun 😀

Yesterday we just spent the whole day doing schoolwork, we needed to deliver quite an extensive paper in relation to the time we had. Today we have a meeting with the clients again, they really like what we did. As  I started to have a bit of trouble with heat/sleeping enough/drinking enough they made me -to my HORROR- eat bananas . For those who don’t know me, I DETEST bananas. Nonetheless, the small ones here are actually not too bad, I guess I’ll have to get used to eating them more often…

Something else cool to mention is animals. I’ve seen more interesting animals in Uganda in one week than my entire life in the Netherlands, and we didn’t even get to animals like elephants and zebra’s yet (hopefully next weekend!). Next to all the cute butterflies and gecko’s we’ve seen beautiful birds, marching ants, a snake and a grasshopper farm (those grasshoppers are insanely BIG…). So all in all we’re enjoying ourselves quite a lot here, it is really green and beautiful and the guesthouse is really nice. So quite a long blog, but that’s because I can’t update each day. Hopefully I have more pictures soon!


6 thoughts on “Uganda – “It’s not meat, it’s chicken!”

  1. Chicken…bananas….is this a process of integration?, assimilation?, what are they doing to you? I may need to talk to Sander about this! Great that you are posting in your blog and I am soo happy to hear you are enjoying yourselves….but I miss you!!! 😦


    1. Maria, I am even eating pineapple now. One of the most disgusting things, but I gotta keep up eating some fruits I guess… But we’ll all be back soon, and you’ll be seeing some of us for half a year longer!


  2. Hoi, fijn om weer een teken van leven te krijgen. Leuk verslag. Nog mogelijkheden gehad om muskietennet op te hangen?
    Liefs, mam


  3. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. Say hi to everyone, and next werk you can eat everything you want again :-).
    Take care & have fun guys, we do miss you all.


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