Uganda – Motors and monkeys in Entebbe

HOOOOOYEAAHHH we are FINALLY, ACTUALLY, TRULY in Uganda! After a loooong flight with little legroom BUT personal screens for movies (thanks Turkish Airlines), we arrived at Entebbe at 4 at night or so. First thing we saw was someone entirely covered in medical clothing, including facemasks, spraying us all over with either desinfect or malaria spray. After that we walked on to find our temperature taken, by similar fully dressed health care workers in a poorly lit arrivals hall with cheap furniture. I first thought we arrived in I am legend or other zombie-like movies, but after passing those two checks it actually turned out to be all right.

So we were very nicely picked up by someone from the hostel with tropical rains as a warm welcome. Very much appreciated… Luckily the weather was better today 🙂 The hostel is really nice, it has a very beautiful garden, and with a big wall around it we feel very safe. Also, the staff is amazing, truly friendly. Today we were advised to go to the botanical gardens, which one of the staff members kindly brought us to. If I would have a garden like that… 😀 The parc is very large and has half a jungle in there. The locals tell us the original Tarzan (1930 something…1938? Black/white film) was recorded there. It was so stunningly beautiful with all different kinds of plants, from palm trees to jungle to cactuses and coffee/cacao plants, but also large spiders, termites, hummingbirds, toucan’s, an eagle, “kites” (also birds), and…. monkeys! First we saw different sorts of monkeys in the trees, but later there was also a group on the ground that surrounded us. We only needed to grab some cookies and they just ate from our hands! We (Teun, Jennifer and me, Josi comes later) are very very very impressed by the beauty of the country so far.

Afterwards we had lunch at a very nice and luxurious shopping mall, only to find a (poor…) local street market a block away. It was very cool to have this sort of ‘ local’ experience, but a bit paradoxal with the fabulous shopping mall around the corner… The experience is hard to describe (but probably all too familiar to anyone who has ever travelled to a developing country). To close off the day we went back to the hostel by boda boda (motors!) which is SO cool. We paid not even 3 euro’s a person for a ride of 10 minutes, which would have cost us over half an hour to walk. Thus, altogether, we are all really enjoying our time so far. I do not know when I will update again, but now you at least have an impression. AND you should appreciate my patience. Uploading 1 picture takes like a couple of minutes, so … Enjoy! 😀


4 thoughts on “Uganda – Motors and monkeys in Entebbe

  1. Wat een ervaring zo op de eerste dag, toch maar niet uitgeslapen?
    Mooie foto’s, ga zo door!
    Liefs, papa en mama


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