Berlin: Mein Deutsch ist sehr gut

Hitchhiking to Berlin

Jawohl! Another hitchhiking adventure! With tired eyes but sunny weather we started around 8 in the morning. Two teams, one of three people and one of two. We thought we would be heading off for a nice start close to the highway, but we couldn’t be more wrong. While the other team had a ride almost right away, we waited for two hours, just to get out of Zwolle. But that was not even the worst. Ever heard of Almelo? A very little town, right before the border with Germany, with a very little gasstation that was not such a nice place either. The owners of the shop didn’t want us there, and the people only came there to grab lunch and go back into Almelo, so the chances of ever getting a ride seemed small.

Nevertheless, it worked out in the and. After standing in the hot sun for some 3 hours or so this nice guy came back(!) for us after his meeting (which he promised like two hours before), so we finally could cross the border. Once we were finally in Germany it actually went all really well, at the next station we got a ride from the first lady we asked. She was a very intereisting woman, tattoo’s all over, working for a big fashion brand and cursing at the traffick (Not as bad as the truckdriver next to us though…). She was very kind and fun to be around. At the next gas station, we did not even have to ask for a ride, we were actually offered a ride, by someone who saw our cartboards and backpacks while we were lunching and understood we were hitchhiking. So in the end we were at the hostel around 00.30, simply because we had to wait so long in the Netherlands, but it was worth it in the end because of the nice people we met.

So the first day we of course we just acted like the typical tourist and went to see all the main tourist attractions.

The next day we just chilled a bit, park, fountain, cathedral, market, blue sky, and so on. Just a really nice summerday 🙂

On the last day we went to the Stasi prison, in East-Berlin. That was actually quite impressive, kinda heavy or at least serious I would say. If you ever go to Berlin you should go there and experience for yourself. Not even 30 years ago they used to keep prisoners, torturing them physically but mostly mentally. I could bore you now with the whole history of it, but that is what you have google and history books for, but again, go see it some time.

And then it was already time to leave again! We had to go to this gas station, outside of the city center near the highway. The last part of the road was sloping and because of the rain that part of the road was entirely flooded, so we needed to find a way around. We decided to go around on the side, jumping over the puddles a bit. One of my friends decided however to cross the road and balance on the rail on the side of the road. The railing was very sturdy and broad, but the road on the other side of the railing was down a couple of meters. And he should have known that…We saw a truck coming and tried to still warn him, but he had nowhere to go (that jump would’ve killed him, or at least broke a couple of bones). The truck actually sáw him, but instead of slowing down he went faster, through the deep puddles. In a matter of seconds my friend was soaking wet from top to bottom, standing there looking incredibly sad and wet. We were laughing só hard 😀 Luckily he could change his clothes at the gas station, so no real harm done.

After a while it started to get a bit more busy at the gas station: more hitchhikers. Can happen, no problem. Until this one guy came, literally the strangest person I have ever met in my life. Kind though, but very unclean, wearing what looked like a beach towel, traveling back and forth between Amsterdam and Berlin for two years already (WHY? Then travel the world, if you have the time anyways!). So we started to get a bit nervous, because drivers started to walk around him and would not pick us up either. We were so happy when we finally got a ride we urging the driver so much to leave (without his coffee etc.) we actually risked not getting the ride at all. In the end we made it home safely and we were very happy that we managed to get away.


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