Paris, je t’aime!

Amersfoort before hitchhiking

It took some begging my parents (read, I was 19 years old, barely traveled on my own), but it was ON: Hitchhiking to Paris. The wheather was good, the spirit was high and school was over. So off we went, 3 teams, 8 in the morning in Amersfoort and who’s first at the Louvre wins. See below the video I made back then of this adventure (in Dutch).

Once we were there we had a great time, starting off with a nice breakfast in Jardin des Tuileries, followed by exploring Paris on foot. We of course went to the Arc du Triomphe, as well as the Sacre Coeur.

SAM_0208 SAM_0277

The next day we went to the Louvre, starting with chilled breakfast again first. Though famous all over the world, the actual Mona Lisa was a bit dissapointing. It appeared very small in a very crowded room. Something to cross of your checklist, but not worth going for if you’re not absolutely into art.

Louvre Mona Lisa

The next day we went to Versailles, the immense palace and even “immenser” (not a word) gardens of Louis XIV. We sat down in the grass to -again- chill and eat, but we ended up playing Jungle Speed half the afternoon (do you know that game? if you don’t, get to know it!) We ended up trading a nice cultural afternoon of wandering these gardens for the brutal warfare of this game. Nevertheless, we still went inside to see, or rather “behold” (so-much-gold, so-many-paintings, so-big) the palace. The mirror room was beautiful. I unfortunately don’t have a good picture of it. Instead, have a supercharming selfie.

Selfie in the mirrorroom

What was really fun and a MUST-DO if you ever are in Paris, was cycling (and that’s said by a Dutch person). They have bikes for rent on every streetcorner. The thing about them is: they go fast. And so does the traffic. Since they have that many bike stations you would think that they are used to bikes on the road. Well, they are not (naïve Dutchie). The first half an hour I only almost had an accident three times and I cried a little. But once you got the hang of it, it is so much fun, and you experience Paris in a totally different way.

Cycling in Paris

Well after that it was time to head home already. As quick as we arrived on the way in, that’s how long it took on the way back. When we were in Brussels, the others called us they were enjoying their pancakes in Amersfoort 😦 Despite that, we had a lot of fun and really some great drivers that were very willing to help us all they could. Yet, we were very happy when we were also finally back at 10.30 PM

In Amersfoort after hitchhiking


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