Knäckebröd, Ikea…Stockholm!

So there I was, twenty by now, just did my first real trip without parents to Paris half a year ago. Many would maybe wait till the next summer, but Juliette and I both wanted to go somewhere again already. And so we decided to check out Stockholm. We wanted to see snow, we wanted to go on a very cultural trip where we saw all the most important things there were to see, and we wanted to get to know local people, just talking to random people in a bar or so. Yeah, well, none of that really happened. No snow, we slept in half the mornings, we actually lost our tourguide, we have barely spoken to real Swedes and we went to Ikea instead. Oh and shopping, we did a lot of shopping.

Despite all this we had a really fun week. We went out to see a nice park with animals, but we unfortunately walked the wrong way, so by the time we were there we were out of energy and just went for dinner and back to the hostel. However, we have seen the old town and just wandered around a lot. We also went out one evening which was one of the funniest nights out ever, but that’s another story that you can ask me some other time 😉 What I did really enjoy about this trip was the fact that we slept in a hostel, filled with international students from everywhere. We met a lot of new people and heard some good stories. A short but fun trip.


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