Learning more about human trafficking in the Philippines

Post about what I have learned and what I want you to learn about human trafficking


Local schools and their heroes

Visiting local schools for my research was just amazing! Read more about students and their passion to fight human trafficking!

Philippine countryside and waterfall climbing

Adventures in the Philippine countryside

Never go with strangers…

Going through some of my older files, I found this document that I wrote a while ago. I am curious how you feel about this issue. Please, share your thoughts!

What did I do in Ghana?

A long awaited update about my 5 month stay in Ghana

Monkey hugs

We decided to go to the monkey sanctuary today, the monkeys were really cute. See for yourself!

Soo…What is Ghana like?

I've received that question a lot, so let me try to show a bit of my experiences!

Ghana at first impression

When I arrived in Accra, it was early in the morning and the temperature was still nice. A better experience than the midnight jungle rain I had in Uganda last time. I only stayed in Accra two days, where I had some ‘interesting’ experiences with tough-to-decline marriage proposals (and I don’t mean "tough" because they … Continue reading Ghana at first impression

Tanzania – More Safari!

The last days in Tanzania: More Safari!

Tourists in Tanzania

The first days in Tanzania after already having seen Uganda and Rwanda. We were mostly just being typical tourists 😉

By an outsider…Rwanda

Today my blog is going to be a bit different. We went to the genocide memorial and to Nyamata. I will not share the horrible stories, but I would like to share my thoughts on it all.